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Northern Shaolin Longfist
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Kung Fu Training

Regular practice will thoroughly work the cardiovascular system, enhance muscular development, increase respiratory functions, and help maintain your overall health. In short, you will feel healthier, younger and more energetic.
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yang style tai chi

A low impact exercise that will get you in better shape, give you more energy, and relieve stress. Each movement in Tai Chi helps the practitioner gain awareness of how to release tension, while exercising within a comfortable range of motion.
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Chinese Martial Arts

Classes in Northern Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi are available right here in Chesapeake.

Kung Fu program

Looking for Kung Fu in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk? Come to Shaolin Kung Fu Centers in Chesapeake to learn authentic Chinese martial arts instruction in a classical manner but with a modern flavor. Kung Fu will help you exercise:

  • Mental sharpness

  • Strong will

  • Decision making muscles

  • Flexibility in the mind and body

  • Balance

  • Coordination

Kung fu is one of the best ways to get in shape, get strong and get fit while keeping your mind and reflexes sharp.

Tai Chi Program

Do you want to do a low impact exercise that will get you in better shape, give you more energy, and relieve stress? If you answer yes, then you need to give Tai Chi a try. Regular Tai Chi practice will:

  • Strengthens the lungs

  • Enhances the efficiency of muscles

  • Boosts the immune and lymphatic systems

  • Improves balance

  • Increases endurance

  • Quickens the recovery of those with medical problems

Tai Chi with its soft and graceful movements is the number one exercise recommended by doctors and chiropractors.

Chinese martial arts (kung fu & tai chi) are a means of training the body and the mind to understand the science behind movements. Although it teaches how to move naturally to control and dominate an attacker, you cannot overlook the effects it will have on your life as a whole. The Chinese martial arts will train the mind and body to work as one. "One thought one action." Therefore, it will build tremendous reflexes and sharpens general awareness, important elements needed for everyday life. Through practice you will come to realize that training is more of a way of life than just a means of self defense.

Top five reasons to learn Chinese martial arts

What People Are Saying

I just can't say enough good things about what it means to be a Kung Fu student. Health and fitness have always been a priority to me, but also refining my character, attitude, confidence, etc. I'm also becoming stronger... read more

I love studying Kung Fu because it is fun and challenging.  It is rewarding to work toward a goal, encouraging others and being encouraged to succeed.  Our instructors are highly skilled in their own practice... read more

Every time I enter the school, I am greeted by happy and kind voices encouraging me to do my very best.  We are a team in every respect; reaching goals and overcoming challenges. Signing up to take classes was... read more


On my very first kung fu class, I could hardly breathe or get through 30 minutes. But now after an hour of training, I find myself wanting to do more. I was scared at first, not having had any back- ground in martial arts... read more 

A longer life maybe...
A better life absolutely!

For over thirty years, Master Maury and his wife have been teaching Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu & Yang Style Tai Chi. Experience a touch of China in an authentic environment including herbal teas and liniments. Reap the rewards of true kung fu and tai chi while you improve your health, acquire greater strength and gain competent skills.

Getting started is easy because we play it straight! There are no hidden fees, surprises, or contracts. We offer classes Monday thru Thursday and Saturday. The school is located in East Greenbrier (off Volvo Parkway).