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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kung Fu good for me?”

If you want to live a long and happy life, Kung Fu will help you enhance longevity by conditioning your body and mind, while also improving physical endurance, strength and flexibility. Kung Fu is more than a physical exercise; it develops the inner abilities of vital energy and the mind. You’ll have the zest and energy of a much younger person in all areas of your life. It’s also an effective method for relieving stress in people of any age, as it helps one develop a calm mind and clear thoughts even under demanding life situations.

Will Kung Fu help me focus?”

It is a proven fact that focus and awareness are enhanced through exercises that require the mind and body to work as one and Kung Fu has been used as a method of training the mind to focus for centuries. Whether you are a busy professional or still in school, focus and concentration are tools that are needed throughout your life.

Will Kung Fu help me get in shape?”

Life is full of demanding activities on the body. Simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs can leave you winded. Finding the energy to go through your daily routine can be quite exhausting. Kung Fu training will increase your stamina, which will help you take on your busy life schedule more easily. That is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality kung fu instruction that emphasizes individual achievement in health for both the mind and body.

Do I have to be athletic, flexible or in shape before I start?”

No, many of our students are people who just never liked sport activities or gyms. Some were never athletic before joining. Now, they're leaner, stronger, healthier, and feel great about themselves. So if you're not athletic already, don't worry, we'll help you get there.

“Will this be really hard on my body?”

Any physical activity has the existence of certain risks that can lead to injury but we place much care in keeping you safe. Our classes are guided, structured and progressive so that you don't harm your body. The training involved may cause muscle soreness at first, but through consistent attendance, your body will adapt as your endurance builds and you become stronger.

Do I have to sign any contracts?”

No, we don't use contracts but we do want our students to agree to be dedicated learners. The art that we teach is like a beautiful antique. We dedicate our lives to sharing it with those that respect our efforts. We are proud to offer a unique training experience in a clean authentic environment at a modest tuition rate. We feel that the best way to be a good student is to come to class consistently.

Who teaches the weekly classes?”

All classes are taught personally by Sigung and Sifu Maury who have over 40 years experience in the Chinese martial arts.

What are forms and are they really useful?”

Traditional hand forms are a series of prearranged movements that have been handed down by the ancient masters to serve as a living encyclopedia of self-defense maneuvers and secret techniques. However, most people overlook the actual physical conditioning that the forms afford the practitioner. Regular practice will thoroughly work the cardiovascular system, enhance muscular development, increase respiratory functions, and help maintain your overall health. Forms (when taught correctly) also provide a way to understand the style, a way to practice on your own and a way to build the strength and body mechanics needed to make the techniques actually work.


Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu & Tai Chi) are a means of training the body and the mind to understand the science behind movements. Although it teaches how to move naturally to control and dominate an attacker, you cannot overlook the effects it will have on your life as a whole. The Chinese martial arts will train the mind and body to work as one. "One thought one action." Therefore, it will build tremendous reflexes and sharpens general awareness, important elements needed for everyday life. Through practice you will come to realize that training is more of a way of life than just a means of self defense.

Top five reasons to learn Chinese martial arts

A longer life maybe...
A better life absolutely!

For over thirty years, Sigung and Sifu Maury have been teaching Longfist Kung Fu & Yang Style Tai Chi. Experience a touch of China in an authentic environment including herbal teas and healing liniments. Reap the rewards of true kung fu and tai chi while you improve your health, acquire greater strength and gain competent skills.

Getting started is easy because we play it straight! There are no hidden fees, surprises, or contracts. We offer Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Fitness Qigong classes throughout the week as well as Saturday & Sunday. 

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