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Becoming a Student

A longer life maybe...a better life absolutely!
Students at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers may very well increase their longevity, but the real value lies in how they are increasing their wellness and enjoyment of life right now. None of us know whether we'll be here tomorrow, so the important question is, "What are you doing for yourself right now?"


In ancient times, kung fu wasn't something people did a few times a week… or on the weekends. It was a way of life. They trained every day - for hours - to perfect their skills, master their minds, hone their bodies into powerful tools, and strengthen their sense of inner-peace.

While that lifestyle won't work for most of us these days… we're proud to bring this same level of commitment and passion to each of our kung fu classes. However, there's one change we've made to the ancient ways - which were often too "serious & rigid". We've injected a good dose of fun into each of our classes to provide you with a focused, fun and fulfilling experience… every time you train.

It's this commitment and passion that's driven us to provide authentic kung fu classes for adults. Every class is filled with concentrated effort… light-hearted fun… great workouts to get your body strong and energized… and teamwork. After all, you'll be practicing with other people who are just as driven to success as you are. The sense of team and family this builds is truly the backbone of our school. All of our adults, regardless of the day they had, leave happier than when they arrived and look forward to returning to their next class. Our classes are guided, structured and progressive so that you don't harm your body. The training involved may cause muscle soreness at first, but through consistent attendance, your body will adapt as your endurance builds and you become stronger.

Give Kung Fu a try and experience for yourself the great impact it can have on your life! Getting started is easy because we play it straight! There are no hidden fees, surprises, or contracts. We offer beginner classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM and Saturday mornings at 11:30 AM. Register below for a free 20 minute introductory class. We are located in East Greenbrier on Executive Blvd (right off Volvo Parkway).