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Authentic Kung Fu & Tai Chi Training Designed For Adults


Kung fu training provides a full body workout that activates all muscle groups in your body helping you get stronger and in shape faster.

You don't have to be a fitness expert or a pro athlete to participate. You just have to be willing to learn and commit to two classes per week.

Kung fu training gets you strong, fit, and is never boring (there is always something new to learn). If you tried the gyms and it just didn’t work for you or your idea of a workout is a good jog or run on the treadmill - prepare to be blown away. You'll never have so much fun while getting stronger and in awesome shape, guaranteed.

The great part is that even though our classes are fun and exciting – you are still learning an authentic style of kung fu with real techniques that can save your life!

Don’t just take our word for it, see what students are saying:

On my very first kung fu class, I could hardly breathe or get through 30 minutes. But now after an hour of training, I find myself wanting to do more. I was scared at first, not having had any background in martial arts. I thought kung fu was simply for fighters and would be a lot like those old kung fu movies.  But kung fu, at its heart, is more than fighting skill.  Kung fu is a way -- a way to breathe, a way to think, and a way to clear your mind.  The fighting skill will come after all that. My teachers are extremely patient and exceedingly knowledgeable in their craft. They have dedicated their lives to kung fu and it shows in their school and teaching style. – Kristine 40

I just can't say enough good things about what it means to be a Kung Fu student. Health and fitness have always been a priority to me, but also refining my character, attitude, confidence, etc. I'm also becoming stronger in unexpected areas, like listening, better awareness and mental focus, feeling more grounded, and patience with myself. Being a Kung fu student has given me a unique combination of feeling humbly rooted, with the confident ability to soar high! – Jennifer 46

Come see for yourself and try a free 20 minute trial class. Meet the teachers, see the school and experience authentic kung fu training. Getting started is easy because we play it straight! There are no hidden fees, surprises, or contracts. We offer beginner classes on Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

Becoming a Student

A longer life maybe...a better life absolutely!
Students at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers may very well increase their longevity, but the real value lies in how they are increasing their wellness and enjoyment of life right now. None of us know whether we'll be here tomorrow, so the important question is, "What are you doing for yourself right now?"