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August 2020

Congrats to all the Tai Chi graduates!


About The School

Since March we have been overcoming some trying times. We were able to experience training outside (sometimes beautiful weather, sometimes really cold & really hot). Despite major challenges to do so, we still worked our way back into the school. Although this has been a stressful and tiring journey for both Sigung and Sifu, every measure has been taken to keep everyone safe as the school pushes forward to evolve and provide the best possible training opportunities for all students. Hence the introduction of the PFT equipment rooms and the training floor for students to personally practice to improve themselves.

As we continue to move forward we would like to thank everyone for doing a great job with social distancing by staying on the marked spots on the floor as well as wearing face coverings, either a mask or face shield. Remember, there is still no gathering in the hallway before or after class (it is ok to change your shoes in the car or on the blue floor). Keep in mind that the virus is still with us and is transmitted primarily person to person when an infected person, that is not wearing a face cover, coughs, sneezes or talks to someone in close contact where their droplets can land on someone's mouth or nose and then inhaled into the lungs. Face coverings allows everyone to keep their droplets to themselves, thus stopping the spread. Everyone should make sure they are wearing their mask correctly (covering the mouth and nose at all times) or face shield correctly (just above the eyebrows so that the shield extends down past the chin and is not placed high on the forehead exposing the mouth). It is your choice to wear whichever you feel safest with but in kung fu we prefer face shields (read about face shields). This is because of the required counting and the high energy interaction in the class. Since they are plastic, droplets cannot penetrate through them.

Not only do we keep the school clean and disinfected but we put things in place like a humidifier that keeps the schools at 60% humidity (keeping the air humid helps stop the spread of viruses). We also make sure we use high grade filters in our two ac units on the training floors as well as the two building ac units which cleans the air as it circulates. We also have fans on the floor to keep the air moving (moving air helps dilute viruses) and we just added a top of the line air purifier on the training floor that completely cleans the air every 10 minutes.

We understand that it is a scary time for all and everyone is exhausted from the emotional strain this pandemic has brought on but we must continue forward, so be sure to uphold the school's standards and come in with positive energy and remember required student etiquette such as saying hello and goodbye (social distancing does not mean to be anti-social). All students should keep up with their practice through consistent class attendance and taking advantage of private floor time.