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July 2020

Reminder this month is Tai Chi Sash Ranking month.

  • Advanced Students - Saturday July 25th at 9:15am
  • Beginner - Intermediate Students Sunday July 26th at 9:15am.

Use the button below to order your sash

Our FT1 Weight Station is in!

Our Private Fitness Time training rooms are now complete with the arrival of the FT1 Training Station.

  • Gain greater flexibility quickly with Versaflex stretching machine
  • Strengthen your core with the Abcoaster ab work machine
  • Develop speed and power with the Body Action System - the closest thing to having a real sparring partner
  • Functional Trainer Weight Station - an excellent training machine for students looking to strengthen their full body, increase stamina and lose weight.

If you have a current student membership, book an appointment and see what all the excitement is about!