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June 2020

Thank you to all of our students for taking such care with each others safety by being attentive to social distancing and wearing face coverings (masks or shields) during class. We are working our way back to regular class training and growing stronger with every Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong class. We couldn't ask for a better group of Qigong students! Sash promotions are on Saturday June 27th, 2020. If you haven't already, please use the button below to order your Qigong Sash.

About the School

Even under these trying times, with the many obstacles and adjustments needed, Sifu Sara and I are always on a quest to improve the school and to provide the very best experience in the traditional arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. We strive to bring our students the highest level of learning and practice environment possible. As a result, the school continues to grow and expand. As students, please be sure to stay up to date with all the new cool things going on.

  • Our school mobile app has new training videos, leadership videos and detailed form videos in Kung Fu & Tai Chi
  • Use the mobile app to order loose leaf teas, cold vitamin teas and training jows and we will have it ready for when you come to class.
  • The mobile app also allows you to book your own Private Fitness Time to use the new training equipment.
If you haven't already, please make sure you download our school app on your phone and tablet and follow us on Instagram to stay current with all school postings.

Give It A Try

Students are raving about our new Private Fitness Time training rooms with over 50 time slots that are available up to 7 days per week (mornings and evenings) in one hour increments.

  • Gain greater flexibility quickly with Versaflex stretching machine
  • Strengthen your core with the Abcoaster ab work machine
  • Develop speed and power with the Body Action System - the closest thing to having a real sparring partner
  • COMING SOON the weight station Functional Trainer - an excellent training machine for students looking to strengthen their full body, increase stamina and lose weight.

If you have a current student membership, book an appointment and see what all the excitement is about!