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November 2019

"The True Science of Martial Arts

Means practicing them in such a way that they will be useful at anytime,

and to teach them in such a way that they will be useful in all things."

                              - Miyamoto Musashi

Balancing Your Movement

When you are changing weight (moving from the rear foot to the front and visa versa), there should always be a corresponding hand movement. This rule can never be broken. Needless to say that this corresponding hand movement must be changing from yang to yin or yin to yang for the whole stroke of the weight change. Many people don't realize that they are doing, what is called dead movements, where the palm is not changing from a yin state to a yang state or vice versa. Instead they make a yang hand before the movement even begins and keep the palm in a yang state throughout the entire movement. For instance, should you be performing the posture of brush knee and you have your right palm ready to do the strike forward, it should be changing from a yin shape hand (limp) to a yang shape hand (flexed). If it is a yang shape hand from the start, then you have already done the movement (energy wise) and have no reason to do this movement because you have already used the yang energy that is held in the yin shaped palm. It is said that a yin hand is filled with yang energy and a yang hand is filled with yin energy. Therefore, the hands are always changing from yin to yang and yang to yin. For the hand to stay in a yin or yang state throughout the entire movement is referred to as a dead movement because the energy is not changing. In Tai Chi your energy must always be changing as your weight changes.
Your palms and your feet must move in balance, in fact, take a look at your form and if there is ever a time when your arms or hands are moving but your body is not, or you are moving your feet and your palm(s) are not moving, more importantly moving from yin to yang or visa versa, then you should adjust this so that they are

Kung Fu Forms

Through training in kung fu we learn that forms are a series of prearranged movements, handed down by the ancient masters to serve as a living encyclopedia of self-defense maneuvers and secret techniques, and trains the body for efficiency in movement and generation of power. That is why the ancient masters refer to forms as "formulas." These are the formula needed to understand the science behind the fight. Anyone can learn to block a punch or a kick really hard and return a punch or kick even harder, but this is not kung fu. Kung fu is a training of the body and the mind to understand the science behind movements. Although kung fu training teaches us how to move naturally to control and dominate an attacker, we cannot overlook the effects it has on our lives as a whole. Kung fu trains our mind and body to work as one. One thought one action. Therefore, it builds our reflexes and sharpens our awareness, important elements needed for everyday life. Kung fu training is more of a way of life than just a means of self defense. This is why the ancient masters devoted their entire lives to it. It is an outlet to release massive amounts of stress, and promote overall health while building tremendous strength. We gain greater tolerance for everyday people and problems. Through the training we grow to be better, more patient, and disciplined people that can fully enjoy our life around us. This is why Kung fu is referred to as "the ancient secrets of China."