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September 2019

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Kung Fu Strong

Today, when most people think about kung fu or any martial arts for that matter, they are thinking strictly about self defense. How can I use these moves to defend myself? How can I get stronger in actual combat? They search for a way to get stronger and increase their striking force. What people do not understand is that this “force” they are searching for already exist inside their body. All they need to do is learn the proper way of using and projecting this force they already have. How do we go about this? Well, kung fu has been teaching students for thousands of years how to generate and control force through precise execution of movements. How does kung fu training teach this concept of force generation? The answer lies deep within the training of what kung fu styles call forms, prearranged movements or patterns. Many may not understand the true purpose of forms but, when they do, they realize that forms are a series of prearranged movements that have been handed down by the ancient masters to serve as a living encyclopedia of self-defense maneuvers and secret techniques. Kung fu trains the body for efficiency in movement, utilizing the entire body to generate power. This is what is referred to as "kung fu strong." Anyone can get strong and hit hard but not everyone can get "kung fu strong." Kung fu strength can only be acquired through true hard kung fu training.

Why is Tai Chi so healthy?

The Chinese have found something that flows through the human body and it is called "chi." In English it roughly translates as "vital energy" or "energy force (sometimes referred to as life force)." Chi is the very thing that holds our molecules together, an internal bio-electrical force. If we only have a little of this force, or the flow is impeded, then we are not too healthy.
Tai Chi is a type of moving chi kung, which means "internal work" and involves specific physical movements which helps build our chi and make it flow beneficially during our practice of the form. One of the primary aims of our Tai Chi training is to augment our store of this energy so that our organs are literally bathed in this life-giving chi. Every Tai Chi posture causes the internal energy to flow through its corresponding organ, and so the whole Tai Chi form is made up of these postures which allow this flow to happen without forcing it, resulting in great health for the body, mind and spirit.