Chesapeake Kung Fu & Tai Chi

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September 2020

The school will be closed for Labor Day Weekend (Saturday 9/5, Sunday 9/6 & Labor Day Monday 9/7). All classes will resume Tuesday 9-8-20.

Kung Fu/Tai Chi Leadership 

The school is adapting and changing its approach with todays times in regards to teaching structure to continue planning for a strong future for the school and its valued students. We feel an important element could be highlighted more and that element is leadership training. Since the start of the pandemic, it has been a challenge for us to interact with our students like before through the many great leadership lessons that are vital. This is not just for developing self-defense skills, but also for the health and motivational benefits that Kung Fu and Tai Chi training brings. The good news is that technology allows us to revisit some of these powerful lessons and rekindle those important leadership skills in hopes of fusing them back into our practice and lives.

We ask all students to put some time aside, grab your notebook and pen and take notes while actively listening to an old Leadership lesson that we feel is largely impactful for todays times and crucial to the continued development of our students and school as a whole.